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Living with multiple sclerosis isn’t easy, but with proper medical management and lifestyle adjustments, people with MS can live full, active lives. Over the past several decades, overwhelming strides have been made in the field of multiple sclerosis research and treatment.

We offer a comprehensive evaluation by neurologists who are experts in MS.

Your consultation will consist of the following:

Medical History Assessment: You’ll provide your neurologist with a detailed medical history, including information about your symptoms, their duration, any family history of neurological disorders, and your overall health. Be prepared to discuss past medical conditions and medications.

Symptoms Evaluation: Your doctor will ask you about the specific symptoms you’re experiencing. You should be ready to describe the onset, progression, frequency, and any factors that worsen or alleviate your symptoms.

Neurological Examination: Your doctor will conduct a physical and neurological examination, assessing your reflexes, muscle strength, coordination, and sensory functions. Your eye movements will also be examined, as vision problems are common in MS.

Diagnostic Tests including onsite MRI: To confirm or rule out MS, your doctor may order various diagnostic tests. The primary test is an MRI scan, which provides detailed images of your brain and spinal cord to detect MS lesions. We offer MRIs right here in our comprehensive MS Center. Additionally, cerebrospinal fluid analysis may be recommended through a lumbar puncture to detect abnormal proteins associated with MS. A non-invasive evoked potentials test can also be used to measure the electrical activity of the brain to evaluate if there is a slowing of communication in the various parts of the brain. You may also be tested for other diseases with similar symptoms, in order to rule them out. These include Lyme disease, lupus, vitamin B12 deficiency, and certain rare hereditary disorders.

Discussion and Diagnosis: After gathering and analyzing the necessary information, your neurologist will discuss his or her findings with you. If the tests and evaluation suggest MS, you’ll receive a definitive diagnosis. This is the starting point for understanding and managing the condition.

Treatment Planning: Once diagnosed, you and your neurologist will have a dialogue about the available treatment options. The choice of treatment depends on the type of MS and your specific symptoms as well as your comfort level and lifestyle. You’ll explore various disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) to slow the progression of the disease, symptomatic management, and necessary lifestyle adjustments. There are many extremely effective medications available to slow the progression of MS and many ways to take control of your health at home.

Emotional Support and Education: Receiving an MS diagnosis can be emotionally challenging; we understand this. We’re committed to offering compassionate emotional support and information, including recommendations for support groups and educational resources to help you navigate life with MS. We are enthusiastic advocates of a healthy lifestyle with regards to diet and exercise as well as a focus on self care and mental health. These factors can make a huge difference in your day-to-day experience with MS.

Follow-up Plan: Your neurologist will establish a follow-up plan to monitor the progression of the disease and the effectiveness of your treatment. Regular check-ups, MRIs, and neurological examinations will be part of this plan to track changes and make adjustments as needed.

Infusion Center

Our state-of-the-art onsite infusion center offers safe and effective administration of infusion medications for MS. Being able to receive your treatment in an office setting is convenient and saves you from the high costs associated with hospitals and outpatient centers. We currently offer the following infusions: Tysabri, Ocrevus, and Briumvi.

Access our complete MS Treatment Guide.


What if I don’t want treatment?

Today’s MS medications have an excellent track record in preventing long term disability. With over 20 medications available in various forms, the likelihood of finding a well-tolerated medication that fits your lifestyle is high.

Our goal is to partner with you to keep you functioning as close as possible to the way you are today.


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